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what kind of shops or chain stores do you wish you could find in Shenzhen? Personally i love and terribly miss Big Apple Donuts in Shanghai. mmmmmmmm, donuts!

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Jumba Juice!!!

Miss Wildberry Swirl!!haha ...

i thought its called Jamba Juice

It's already here, but I wish there were more Subways, especially near my place of work.


where?I've been to one subway in futian, the TUNA somehow is not fresh.

Only got food poisoning twice in my life-both in the US.   One was at Subway from eating a tuna sandwich.

I think subway is great, they just don't have jalapenos.....or horseradish sauce, whereas they do everywhere else in the world it seems!

The subs don't taste the same without these ingredients!

They have a Dijon-Horseradish sauce in Subway here, I mix it with Honey Mustard and it's great on a beef sandwich.

which one?

Central Walk and Coco Park subway branches have it. I assume they all do but these are the two I actually use (if infrequently) though last time in Central Walk they were out of stock of it.

Cool, thanks or that.

I normally frequent the one in Sams club mall on Nongyuan lu, I was only there a few weeks ago, and they didn't have that sauce.

I will head to coco next time!

agree bout the jalopenos!  luv that shit


added a small thread under the food category if you  care to contribute.

I have been to subway in shekou for once .well ,food is terrible.
The bread is not too fresh , meat is bad . I won't go the next time


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