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After WeChat ran ablaze with rumours and stories of the visa/permit crackdown in SZ – who remains other than the non-native speaker? The remaining native speakers-where are they? The ones with correct permits and documents?

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I imagine they are probably washed up Liberal Arts degree holders who enable the little children to order them around. These are their so called supervisors; young people with little or next to no experience, inferior educations and hostile, racist mind sets.

This is the reality – the young people who are travelling the world, and the older retired individuals who are doing something to keep them young I can understand. The middle aged guys who are meant to be at their peak earning potential are in SZ earning their massive 13-17K salaries.

Anyone who remains in SZ must be either a masochist or yes men with absolutely no spine. Dancing like Ronald McDonald to keep their audiences entertained. People with substance abuse problems or psychological ticks that do not allow them to fit into the modern workplace. HR Departments in the West are well placed to screen these people with high degrees of accuracy.

People who are compensating by dying their hair, or wearing ties when there is actually no need to. Style over substance. BS vs brains

Liberal Arts degree holders are hard pressed to convince employers in the West for a job as studying Ancient Mesopotamian Art or Theatre Studies doesn’t provide them with relevant job skills. I have witnessed Security Guards, Truck Drivers, and Call Center workers working for these training centers.

Soon these dreamers will be hit with the harsh reality of Modern China-They will no longer need your so called English Teaching skills. Witness the influx of non-natives who are more than happy to undercut these edutainers with little other employable skills.

The Dada will soon deport those chancers who are willing to continue working without the relevant documentation. Soon, all the Ronald’s will be competing against each other for the chance to be exploited by the boy.

Clownery 101. No pride, brains or intestinal fortitude.

Vee Pee Enns are now outlawed, WeChat users are registered by phone, and soon you won’t be able to access Western newsfeeds or websites. Time to re-evaluate as to why they are here. Tick tock.

Fingerprints, scans, and now the outlawing of Vee Pee Enns….

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Im still in Shenzhen,because Iam married to a local and we have a 4 year old boy.been here 17 years

I'm also here. my boy is 4 years old now too

I'm still here too. But I guess you are not talking about engineers/planners.

Hi Rob.

Hello Mike how are ypu?

Much the same as before Rob, just a couple of years older. I've been too old to work in China for a while now, but on my most recent application they also said I'm too old for a business visa. So I'm living here as a tourist now. 

living in a place sometimes is a habit. we never grow old by age Mike. 

The 46 part of my handle is my birth yesr, so this is my lucky Dog year.

I do some work in HK, because they don't have the same rules there and I started working in planning the transport system there in 1973. It is not necessary to be rich to live comfortably in SZ. 

not sure... but economy development sometimes is not in man's hand...

Why Especially nowadays in China people dream to be richer ,lot's of money can bring lots of problems too .

Hi Gao - nice to see you're still around - you must have been on here nearly as long as me.

Hi Mike ,seems all those acitvie member not chat here anymore ,sad.

Hi Gao - many of my friends have married and moved away - Jackie and Tiger Eva are in America, Jane (the ex-virgin)  is in France, Moon is in England, Hell en in New Zealand and Shannon in Australia. Kelly is still here but expecting here second baby so not active. The foreign guys have left China - Penguin, Cynic, etc, leaving only me. No one has come forward to take their place - even when I start talking to someone here they want to switch to WeChat immediately, which I think is a lousy way to get to know people. I prefer Discussions, Blogs and open chat here.



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