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After WeChat ran ablaze with rumours and stories of the visa/permit crackdown in SZ – who remains other than the non-native speaker? The remaining native speakers-where are they? The ones with correct permits and documents?

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I imagine they are probably washed up Liberal Arts degree holders who enable the little children to order them around. These are their so called supervisors; young people with little or next to no experience, inferior educations and hostile, racist mind sets.

This is the reality – the young people who are travelling the world, and the older retired individuals who are doing something to keep them young I can understand. The middle aged guys who are meant to be at their peak earning potential are in SZ earning their massive 13-17K salaries.

Anyone who remains in SZ must be either a masochist or yes men with absolutely no spine. Dancing like Ronald McDonald to keep their audiences entertained. People with substance abuse problems or psychological ticks that do not allow them to fit into the modern workplace. HR Departments in the West are well placed to screen these people with high degrees of accuracy.

People who are compensating by dying their hair, or wearing ties when there is actually no need to. Style over substance. BS vs brains

Liberal Arts degree holders are hard pressed to convince employers in the West for a job as studying Ancient Mesopotamian Art or Theatre Studies doesn’t provide them with relevant job skills. I have witnessed Security Guards, Truck Drivers, and Call Center workers working for these training centers.

Soon these dreamers will be hit with the harsh reality of Modern China-They will no longer need your so called English Teaching skills. Witness the influx of non-natives who are more than happy to undercut these edutainers with little other employable skills.

The Dada will soon deport those chancers who are willing to continue working without the relevant documentation. Soon, all the Ronald’s will be competing against each other for the chance to be exploited by the boy.

Clownery 101. No pride, brains or intestinal fortitude.

Vee Pee Enns are now outlawed, WeChat users are registered by phone, and soon you won’t be able to access Western newsfeeds or websites. Time to re-evaluate as to why they are here. Tick tock.

Fingerprints, scans, and now the outlawing of Vee Pee Enns….

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Only the LBH's remain in Shenzhen, this include females.  These LBH's can't go back home because they have no careers and have lost contact with many of their contacts and friends in the west because they were too busy getting institutionalized in China.  They lived in China for far too long and are unable to adjust to whatever western country they are from and they fear that if they return they will have major culture shock and be unable to get a good paying job.  Some married the locals in Shenzhen and can't leave because their spouses don't want to go to whatever western country they are from.  They are forever going to be an LBH ELEMENT (English Language Entertainer Meant to Entertain Not to Teach) getting low wages and being unable to build a nest egg for retirement.  Many have been in Shenzhen or China in general for years, some decades and still AREN'T fluent in Chinese.  If you are still in Shenzhen or China as an English teacher, I'm sorry to say, there is something seriously wrong with you.  Teaching English in China is NOT a career!  Many of you aren't fluent in Chinese!  Many of you think Chinese people are your friends, yeah right, they're nice to your face, but say shit about you behind closed doors.  You're getting used by them.  It won't be long till some of you get shown the door by your "Chinese friends" and get replaced by younger ESL teachers from whatever western country.  The vast majority of you have no "guanxi", so you have no power in China.  

"First you hate, then you get used to it, enough time goes by you learn to depend on it.  That's institutionalized!"

I see far fewer obvious "English teachers" nowadays. There used to be several coming and going from the blocks in my development, but the last one I was sure about was months ago.

Why you guys thinks English teacher is not a career ?i don't understand why people  think in that way ,it's super easy for a foreigner to find a teaching job in China with a fine pay ,if your workhard ,it's easy for a english speaker foreigner earn more than 20K per month ,i have seen lots of negative thought about english teacher  in this website or otherplace ,no mater how great you are ,you should be grateful what you can get ,and respect others and yourself .

If you want to be bill gates ,then go to fight for it , if you can't then be a english teacher at least can protect you avoid from be a jobless , isn't a great things ?i just don't get it .

Many English teachers in China are true losers.  They couldn't make it in their own country so they had to go overseas to get a job, a girlfriend (or boyfriend), and some respect.  In America, one can make more than what one can make in China.  You are a little naive.  Go live in America or some nice western country for a long duration.  After living there you will know who are the winners and who are the losers.  If you're from some western country and you're in China with a respectable career such as an engineer, doctor, or STEM college professor then you are not a loser!

When I hit 65 and stopped working regular office hours, many of the people around here who didn't already know me, assumed I was such a teacher and asked how much to reach their kids. I think they all know better now.

I keep trying to reply to this but every time I get interrupted. Mingtian.

I walked over to Huaqiangbei to look for some stuff but quickly decided to head back home.

I agree there are many different ways to learn English - especially written - but for spoken it is best to actually be with a native speaker. If you can read and write well then the spoken comes quite easily.

I think that was just the attitude of that particular guy - there are some people like that. Not typically French or any other nationality, just his character. He felt rejected.

There are good teachers, but more are not so good. My friend Heather is still in contact with her college English teacher. He was American and also with a good style - he encouraged the students to interact so she became "question girl". Very different from her earlier Chinese English teachers who insisted that everyone sit still and listen. I met him a few years back and his English was not good at all.

I plan to put up a Discussion about  hair styles - pony tails suit some girls. Chinese girls wash and cream much more than western girls - I have often been asked to buy very expensive cosmetics when I go to HK. Skin smoothness and whiteness are much more important here than in the west.

In America rubber means condom, but in England it is the thing you use to rub out pencil marks. Octopus put up a comment about shag - in America it's a dance, but in the UK it's having sex far removed from the "Making love" type of sex. There is another mean of shag:

The common cormorant (or shag)
Lays eggs inside a paper bag,
You follow the idea, no doubt?
It's to keep the lightning out.

But what these unobservant birds
Have never thought of, is that herds
Of wandering bears might come with buns
And steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

I really don't believe I can. Not because I do not want to, but because I think it makes no sense to me. I believe that people's character is set when quite young. I believe that most of the ways I think were set by my teenage years, and fully set by the time I finished university when I was 21. During my 20s I grew in confidence as I realised that I was very good at my job, but it was still the same me inside - just that I was willing to show it more. Chinese people mature more slowly in character because so much of their early years is spent in learning, learning, learning - mostly from books.

My mathematical ability I inherited from my father. He loved maths and read books on it. But his father had been killed during the First World War, and so he had to leave school at 14 to help support the family.In compensation I have virtually no language ability, unless you count computer languages. I have never successfully learned a foreign language, despite living in countries where that would be very useful.

My character comes much more from my mother - I really saw very little of my father when I was young. He left for work before I awoke, we had dinner together when he got home, but then most evenings and weekends he would be working on the trucks of my mother's father. Also he was quite deaf after an injury during the Second World War, so quite hard to talk to.

In China men and women have much more defined roles arising from the history of farming where men worked the fields and women ran the home. Many Chinese traditions come out of that. It was that way in England 150 years ago, but has changed so that men and women no longer have these separate roles. It will change in China too, but not yet.

So I cannot tell you how to change your way of thinking, and I would not believe anyone who says that they can.

I'll be around when you come back. Drop by and say hi.

A career should have possible promotions, so in UK you can go from assistant teacher, to teacher, to department head and maybe to deputy head teacher or head teacher. All the time getting more salary and responsibility. Most importantly building a pension fund for later life.

The guys here cannot get promoted because all the higher levels need Chinese ability. On 20k they cannot save much, especially if they travel during vacation time. If the political climate in China changes, then they could be unemployed next week. They would have spent some of the best years of their life with nothing to show for it.

It is a job, but not a career.

Many teachers in US public schools need teaching licenses.  They can't take a 3 week course and receive a certificate to teach.  Also those teachers with a license need to take continuing education courses in order to maintain their licenses. 



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