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After WeChat ran ablaze with rumours and stories of the visa/permit crackdown in SZ – who remains other than the non-native speaker? The remaining native speakers-where are they? The ones with correct permits and documents?

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I imagine they are probably washed up Liberal Arts degree holders who enable the little children to order them around. These are their so called supervisors; young people with little or next to no experience, inferior educations and hostile, racist mind sets.

This is the reality – the young people who are travelling the world, and the older retired individuals who are doing something to keep them young I can understand. The middle aged guys who are meant to be at their peak earning potential are in SZ earning their massive 13-17K salaries.

Anyone who remains in SZ must be either a masochist or yes men with absolutely no spine. Dancing like Ronald McDonald to keep their audiences entertained. People with substance abuse problems or psychological ticks that do not allow them to fit into the modern workplace. HR Departments in the West are well placed to screen these people with high degrees of accuracy.

People who are compensating by dying their hair, or wearing ties when there is actually no need to. Style over substance. BS vs brains

Liberal Arts degree holders are hard pressed to convince employers in the West for a job as studying Ancient Mesopotamian Art or Theatre Studies doesn’t provide them with relevant job skills. I have witnessed Security Guards, Truck Drivers, and Call Center workers working for these training centers.

Soon these dreamers will be hit with the harsh reality of Modern China-They will no longer need your so called English Teaching skills. Witness the influx of non-natives who are more than happy to undercut these edutainers with little other employable skills.

The Dada will soon deport those chancers who are willing to continue working without the relevant documentation. Soon, all the Ronald’s will be competing against each other for the chance to be exploited by the boy.

Clownery 101. No pride, brains or intestinal fortitude.

Vee Pee Enns are now outlawed, WeChat users are registered by phone, and soon you won’t be able to access Western newsfeeds or websites. Time to re-evaluate as to why they are here. Tick tock.

Fingerprints, scans, and now the outlawing of Vee Pee Enns….

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The village I remember from the 1940s or early 50s had gone by the mid 60s. Before that it had been a place growing fresh vegetables for London since the railways came close enough about 150 years earlier. Before that it was hard to travel. Even in more isolated parts of the country there has been nothing like I've seen here for 100 years.

Now the railways have come to China - best in the World. 

it's wrong la ,the world has changed a lot ,in my generation's parents ,most of them are rich saved some money ,when we buy the house my parents and my parents in law they helped us paid 30% .

Just to point out, 13-17K salaries doesn't considering as "massive" in Shenzhen....If you work in one of the major companies, this is just average or below average salary...

13-17k salary It is enough for a chinese live in China ,but if you are foreigner ,plus other expense maybe need spend those salary carefully ,not means like below comments ,massive for some domestic people ,but minimum for foreigners .this sentence makes me feel you guys english much worse than mine ,haha...........

Hi Gao, I am Miss X la, not a foreigner....hahaha....

13-17k even not considering as massive for Chinese in Shenzhen...Even my sister-in-law with a junior high school degree can get as much as this in Shenzhen. She is a store manager in ToysRUs. 

Massive 13-17K salary in RMB
  1. the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.


Blackadder: Baldrick, have you no idea what irony is?
Baldrick: Yes, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

I am a Chinese woman ,i think up to 10000 is  fine income for a chinese family if not live in big city like shenzhen shanghai beijing ,and i also think people who earn less than 5000 if they spend the money properly also can have wonderful life too ,it's not about how much you earn ,it's about what you think ,as long as human can get enough food and  keep themself warm in winter ,that means comfortable life for me .

I actually spend about 15k per month while living quietly in SZ. Of course I spend a lot more when travelling, which I do quite a lot of.

Johnny B. Goode "never ever learned to read or write so well".

Nice tohear all those news from you mike,i get married too,my husband from shandong China :-D

I see some of them from time to time. I saw Nick the Penguin in Cambodia a couple of years ago, Shannon's family still live in Shenzhen and she came through last week, Jane was in Chengdu visiting her family last summer so we met up there and I'm planning on a trip to New Zealand later in the year and will meet Hell en. Heather moved to Shanghai, partly to get away from her family and I expect to see her this summer.

Congratulations - I will be in Shandong after Shanghai looking at Taishan - my fourth sacred mountain.



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