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What are we discussing Rob?

I bought this one for myself when I was working in London. It's still in my play list regularly.

I dont know what we are discussing lets see where this goes

My wife bought me this one for Christmas when we in Singapore. She was very disappointed when I did not play it, and only later realised that she had a bunch of Christmas decorations sitting on top of my record deck.

This was my first Stones record - it is an EP - four tracks on one 7 inch disc - released in early 1964 before they released a full album.

Tattoo You was my 1st Stones album

my friend and I would go to the record shop everyweek to listen to the album before we could afford to buy it.

I bought that EP soon after Christmas with my gift money - it cost more than going to see them live in Windsor the year before. They performed "You Better Move On' on Top of the Pops and I just had to have it. That song and Anna from The Beatles Please, Please Me LP, a birthday present in 1963 led me to listen to Arthur Alexander's music.

I had a look last night what I had on CD here, and it's those.



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