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What are we discussing Rob?

I bought this one for myself when I was working in London. It's still in my play list regularly.

I dont know what we are discussing lets see where this goes

My wife bought me this one for Christmas when we in Singapore. She was very disappointed when I did not play it, and only later realised that she had a bunch of Christmas decorations sitting on top of my record deck.

This was my first Stones record - it is an EP - four tracks on one 7 inch disc - released in early 1964 before they released a full album.

Tattoo You was my 1st Stones album

my friend and I would go to the record shop everyweek to listen to the album before we could afford to buy it.

I bought that EP soon after Christmas with my gift money - it cost more than going to see them live in Windsor the year before. They performed "You Better Move On' on Top of the Pops and I just had to have it. That song and Anna from The Beatles Please, Please Me LP, a birthday present in 1963 led me to listen to Arthur Alexander's music.

I had a look last night what I had on CD here, and it's those.

No one good melody all over the whole world in one year.Rock and roll is too old.We want new blood in music.Lots of books which was published in the past of 50 years not deserve to read again and again.No paintings.Most of Chinese movies I really can not finish.It's a time for Science and Technology.



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