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It may be true that you don't think this but if you ask for a drink, taxi fare home, a new dress, whatever-you are a whore. Get used to the truth and learn to deal with it or change your ways. At some point you need to stand on your own two feet and don't ask or take anything from a guy.

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I'm sure all the guys married to Chinese girls will be happy to hear this news


So if a guy asks his buddies to buy the next round, that makes him a queer gangbang whore?
:) maybe


Running for've just stirred a tank of sh**t here, man!
yeah i am good for that-guess it would be better if you did not let me out on a Saturday night.

Your friends list seems to be mostly of Chinese girls.


Do they know you consider that you consider that they are whores?


Or are you just a whore magnet and those are the only ones that are interested in you?


Your friends list seems to be mostly of Chinese girls....


I bet that's how he came out with this pathetic idea being that lonely and desperate on a Sat.night.

It's kind of like he just cut off his own wee-wee, isn't it?  The only girls who will talk to him are the ones who are independent enough not to need or want anything form him.
Yuppers I am glad I got married before I came to shenzhen



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