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What is the standard price to attend a wedding dinner in Hong Kong? More likely a better restaurant, a colleague of mine. Help~~ 

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Nonono, i am invited to my colleague's wedding dinner in Hong Kong. Is there any typical price to pay as a present for her? I heard from another colleague saying that the typical price is ca. 1000 HKD. Is that reasonable? 

it is alright. I am just asking around. Thanks! Have a nice day! 

What do you mean by "Nonono" ?

If it is your colleague's wedding dinner, probably they arranged that already. I dont think so it s good idea to pay their dinner. But hey, I live in SZ and just was trolling around, solly.

When I lived in Hong Kong about 4 to 5 years ago, people tell me it's 500HKD if you attend.  If you don't attend it's less, I forgot how much though...


It's 500hkd per person if you are just a friend,should pay more if you are good friends


yuck! but anyway Thanks. 



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