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Has anyone ever run into any strip clubs in this city? It seems to me if they were any where they would be here or in DongGuan, but I have never seen one o the main land. I am not talking about the Hong Kong ones where the girls dance in their underwear I am talking straight out peeler bar where they pole dance and crawl on the floor and flash clam.
I understand that most of you guys get out more then I do so tell me where is the dancing girls? If I knew maybe I would get out more. Most of the music bars here suck. At least when there are girls taking off their clothes I can get entertained.

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We could not find any Shenzhen, and im left to think they dont exist here, but Macau has a couple, i think 3, 2 i know of, still not as good as western standards, but still decent in terms of a typical strip club, girls taking clothes off, pole dancing, lap dances, etc. Most of girl are from all over the world, russians, south american, philippines, african,, chinese....if you head over to Macau, its worth checking out.
This has always amused me about China.

Hookers? Meh, no problem. Titty bar...that's just wrong...An odd place, this.
I'd prefer titty bar, to be honest.
Any details?
This is the glorious China, of course we have no such uncivilized establishment. We are a traditional, well mannered and reserved society. If you want this kind of filth and debauchery, suggest you go some place like Canada.
Just pay a couple hookers to act like a strippers lol same shit different pile
Now that is a great idea. Now I just need a place. mine is full of wife and a kid.
It's a new trend for exercise (Serious).
I could teach pole dancing, I'm a certified instructor with years of experience LMAO



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