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Susan has something very important to disclose, but only by email

Email her at

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Does Susan = you = Ubiquitous?


That's not how math works

We all know that's exactly how it works. Would you like to post another comment now, as Zenonmyback, disagreeing?

She's desperate to make human contact.....she will leave China soon. Foreign women in China have no power...and cant get any action.

Zenonmyback disagreeing

I got an email yesterday claiming to be retiring from the US military services. It included the paragraph:

I have been blessed financially during my time in service here through some military ventures with hard work and risk to save up $4.500,000.00 (Four Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) and I'm seeking your kind support and assistance to receive and keep this funds for me for a short while.

However, despite being signed Evangeline, it was spoofed from someone called Shirley. I pointed this out to her/him, and they've replied from an email from someone called Evangeline but with a German (.de) domain. I have now pointed out that this is also unlikely.



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