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So, here we are... the end of the road. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

It`s been a long run, almost 10 years for me, but it`s over. Bye.

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Take good care man

I`m not deleting my profile. I`m just waiting for this website to be taken down, which will happen soon.

It surely looks that way. What a pity - all my lovely albums and blogs will go.

I suggest you to save all your photos and writings before it`s too late.

I have all the pics elsewhere, but when I want to share a particular trip with someone then a link from here is easy. I've saved a few of the blogs but there are over two hundred and without the ability to share they're pretty pointless - many only make sense in the SZStuff context.

Lots of websites survive on patronage, and I would be willing to give a few bucks a month to help this community back on its feet. But realistically, Charles passed to the other timezone in 2017, Nick is still gallivanting across East Asia, Fred is busy helping Trump get re-elected, and most people have moved back to their countries. 

So I'm not sure we could get enough people to keep it going. 

I wouldn't mind chipping in a bit too. A few people have mentioned that they looked at it, but found it too difficult to navigate with the mobile implementation. I would like to see the back of that and force anyone to use the full site. I use the desktop view on my mobile anyway.

how do i get my photos and videos off the website?

Simply download and save them to your computer, and back them up. 

Truly sad. Many moons ago when I first joined, this site was a veritable gold mine of wisdom and ex pats....the chat feature was amazing. Then along came we chat...sad but inevitable...bye to all



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