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Is Jack right?

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He is right.


just hang on

Thank you for making me aware of the depth of your insight.
I am thoroughly humbled and consider myself unworthy that you would care about what I say. Immature reactions to immature outbursts doesn't resolve anything. I believe it is stupid to pretend that you don't care when you do especially when acknowledging that will have more chances of resolving things out. This is no time to talk about your mom's parenting philosophy.

Just my two cents

"Don't give a fuck" is brilliant advice. Just accept everything as it is and throw yourself into the mix. Don't be judgmental. Don't be critical. You're in a foreign land, take it in. Don't expect things to be like "back home."

In fact, I couldn't care too many things even in my own land.

...Ignorance is bliss........

You can survive here by getting drunk everyday and banging other LBH women.

Are you an LBH ESL teacher in China?  If one or more of the things on the list apply to you then you are.  Number 9 is too funny.

Nothing about ignorance, same like I care less about who you are, the better.

I have no clue what you just wrote.  Please rewrite it without the Chinglish.

Well,either Chinglish problem or understanding problem, nothing else I can say.



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