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It doesn’t matter how dead SZS is at the moment, how little traffic it generates or if it’s just a debris floating in the interweb till someone deletes it completely. I will keep on taking the garbage out of this place till I’m asked to stop. That’s it. 

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The Internet is all about being a sad bastard who cares too much. Anyone who says otherwise is a cunt. 

"Ils ne passeront pas!" - Nivelle during the Battle of Verdun, possibly when it was raining? "All Things Must Pass" - George Harrison's first solo album after the break-up of the Beatles.

I still find it very useful for finding blogs and pics from years ago. Also for writing new ones so I can post links in other sites.

Thank you Mr Zen sir.

And after all, where else would we be able to share our Mike46 “teenage girls exploring their sexuality” jokes?

Being the village idiot hurts, doesn’t it?

Or indeed follow the ICAC investigation into Mr Jones. Latest news "It is not our policy to comment about on-going cases".



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