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"Hater's gonna hate."

Just list out one thing that you think is typically happening in China.

For e.g. I hate the things going on in the metro station. Like they have set up the check points yet they don't really check everything but only some handbags with zips. They build a "fence" everywhere in the station, trying to stop some people doing something but really, I never see the point. Because the "fences" never really stop people doing things but only make the stations more crowded.

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Thank you for the information! @Xander

I've watched some videos ever since I've visited Tiananmen Square Museum in HK. Last night, I watched The Gates of Heavenly Peace, though not finished yet. I think every Chinese should watch it.

Wendy, your problem is that you never answer the questions we want, like "What exaggerations?".

about those things you mentioned like Tiananmen  Squre , most of us we do know

I strongly disagree. You are talking nonsense. Who are the "most of us"? How do you know? Don't you feel sad about it? Anything? What if you were dead as one of them?

In early summer 2006,there was a big flood in my hometown. It swept away a whole town except school which was located at the highest point and a road which I walked through twice. Many people died of that. What's more, a whole village was compeletly buried by two mountains falling down. No one survived. However,CCTV-7 reported there were only seven people died in total and already sent great help to my hometown. Yet nothing! Nothing! I still wonder, why would they hide the truth and why not report as it was?

if your ancestors were not brutal and strong enough ,you cant even be born.

Yes, I believe my ancestors were strong as they made a living out of a mountain. But brutal? I doubt it. Unity and love,most importantly.

We have survived not because we are brutal.

About the rest of what you were talking about, to me, they are nothing practically useful but the words written in the textbooks. And we all know that since we can read. 

Let's all queue around a switched on X-ray machine twice a day....


Agreed with what you mention in your original post. Every time I visit Shenzhen and go on the Metro, it makes my blood boil...Checkpoints and people crowded around them. No real 'checking' being done, though.

At least whoever is in charge of hiring has recently decided to hire a lot of pretty YCGs to man the x-ray machines. They may be just as useless but a lot easier on the eye.

Hmm...I'll check them out when I am there soon. ;)

No pretty girls were spotted last week. Unless they all just dressed up as guys...Well, 99% of them ;)

I had a friend who used this phrase to end all complains by foreigners about China... Brilliant!

Heather, I have a new one for you.  It just happened and it is truly a TIC.  Where I live there is an elevator on the outside of the building.  I have never used it before.  There are signs in the lobby directing you to the Sightseeing Elevator.  Above the elevator is a big sign "Sightseeing Elevator".   Sunday I used it for the first time.

When you enter, three of the walls are glass, thus you would think giving you the Sightseeing effect as you ride...but....the glass is all covered with a frosted film, thus you can not see out the glass. 

:-)  Yes, it is a wonderful Sightseeing elevator!

Cheers and good sightseeing to all!

LOL...Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing this one, GP. I love it! :D

I wonder if it was a mistake or the result of ignorance? Don't they know "Sightseeing Elevator" is made for sightseeing? 


LOL! That's your typical Chinese "chabuduo" at work :D 



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