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Which would you prefer?

To be loved by someone whom you less likely love


To love someone more than he/she does?

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Agree with Penguin.

Love yourself, you will never be crossed in love

Always prefer to have the girl love me more.  No broken heart that way, and the sex is always much HOTTER!

mutual love would be better!

I love because I can.

It's great to be loved, love is something amazing, take it and treasure it.

Aiya.......another narrow mind comments again.

You don't love someone just to fill the emptiness in your life or to expect this to fix all the troubles: it won't simply work.

You love someone as an extension of yourself, so the better you feel about yourself, the more you love yourself, the more you will be able to love unconditionally without weighing giving and receiving.

So would you mind to explain? I'm curious now.

Hope she doesn't post a pic of her with Mr Frankie :p

Your forum posts and blogs seem to have heavy doses of "love" injected in them.  Are you feeling lonely, unloved or just at that breeding point in your life?

"magical age" nice word, actually im regressing my age, im on my late 50's, so im just trying to be young and


Everything is about love, don't blame it. lol



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