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Which would you prefer?

To be loved by someone whom you less likely love


To love someone more than he/she does?

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Im just being real. This is only a typical topic but really hard to answer. sometimes we know the answer but we can't apply it on our own lives.

There is a saying: "I love you,does it has anything to do with you?"

 Love yourself at first, and then you would be worth To love bravely or to be loved romantically.!

@Brittany.. sad to say but mutual love is hard to find (i personally believe it doesnt exist).One way or another, you would feel that one is giving more than the other.

^_^ It doesn't matter, who cares giving more than the other when she/he is in love? Only when love faded, would she/he begin to calculate how much she/he has given. Anyway, love itself is a short-term thing.Just enjoy the moment we are in love!!!

Love is love, love doesn't have discount.

I love you more and you love me more, we love each other more and more. :-)

I love you less and you love me less, we love each other less and less. :-(


Thanks SD, I am happy to know that and I start to love you too.

for girls,the best choice is to be loved,becoz love is too not easy..

anyway , love each otheri is perfect!



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