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one time when I/He/We/She etc... got drunk...i/we etc....

top this ....first one.....

one time when I got drunk ...i woke up on bus in underwear about hour from when I live. with 'I'm lovin it' on my back written in marker'. this....

ya can write ya can add pic whatever... it can be about u / ya friends/ family / just ppls who cares ... have laugh

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sounds like a typical romantic evening in liverpool.
or a rather funny drunk story.

or a sordid tale of being raped by ronald mcdonald
That's funny... I'd be banned from Shenzhen Stuff for topping it though.
One time there was this girl in the club who got drunk, she tripped, fell, and landed on my ****.
Funny one was when I went out in London with my then girlfriend. she was a very beautiful blonde 19 at the time, 5`10 size 8 and prone to wearing very short skirts and very small thongs/g-strings. We stopped for happy hour in a cocktail bar when she decided she needed the loo. The ladies was upstairs accessible by a narrow spiral staircase next to the bar itself.

Off she goes unknowingly causing three drunk australian guys on tall barstools to domino into eachother and end up on the floor as they try to follow her movements upstairs
has anyone actually done anything crazy in sz ? i feel myself doubtin this sadly...
Crazy stuff in SZ? Very much so, but not really well suited to the annals of SZ Stuff. This weekend was, legend.
oh really where that happen then?



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