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I want to find a foreign BF who requires strong body and dark skin. 

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You made a good start. You have a real "about me" and you posted some nice photos. Since then, nothing. Maybe ask Ms Maniac about using the site.

The abbreviation Ms can stand for either Miss or Mrs and indicates that the person being addressed is female, but not specifying marital status. In English English none of Mr Mrs or Ms get a full stop. In American English they all do.

You know you can reply properly, so your options are:

1) Get better internet

2) Get a better phone

3) Get used to it.

You wake up earlier than me.

I am an older person - the '46 part of my handle is my birth year. I also wake up early but don't immediately reach for my phone.

Can we shag?

It caused great hilarity to teenage kids in about 1960, but apparently still retains its British and American meanings.

This Octopus says she is female. I don't know how to tell with octopuses - do you look between their legs?

bf means boyfriend. However the meaning of boyfriend is different to Chinese people and western people. In China being recognised as a boyfriend is a fairly major step towards marriage. In the west it is a much more casual relationship which msy or may not develop into that - mostly will not. My kid sister had four boyfriends before the guy she married, and I have totally lost count of the number my daughters have had. So when a foreign guy and Chinese girl become boyfriend/girlfriend it means different things to the two people, and causes problems if the guy wants to break up.

I think that many Chinese men lack self-confidence in personal relationships. They are fearful of women knowing more than they do and often they know very little. So the girl must pretend to be more ignorant than she really is. I can only remember one guy in all the time I've been here who was willing to talk about that sort of thing, but many girls.

I look for a woman I can marry. Are you open-minded? 



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