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What do Chinese women REALLY WANT?

 ( a follow up to my forum “Is there love and passion in china” from October 2009    )

Now on approaching my third year in Shenzhen, I have to say the longer l live here and the more women I meet here in China, the more confused I get!

More and more I am reaching the conclusion that Chinese woman are more “non committal” than any other race of women in the world!  Why do I reach this conclusion you may ask?

Lets see……..

I see myself as one of the more (if not most) stable, good-hearted, down to earth, educated and cultured “laowai” here in Shenzhen. I have been told I am attractive. I am not 100 years old, don’t have a pot belly or any weird ailment or disfiguration.  I live here three years, I started own my successful business here, a spin-off branch of my 10 year old company in USA.  I have a two college degrees, I own my house back in USA for more than 17 years. I am NOT married here or anywhere else in the world. I don’t have any kids. I don’t currently have a girl friend. I am not some high school dropout – cum “English Teacher”. I am not 20 years old and don’t know what I want in life. I don’t go drinking every night in a pub nor do I don’t pick up girls for a one night stand, ever. I am not at all looking to play around, but instead want to find a nice girl to settle down with here, and build a life with, along with my company. I have given my heart to two girls (really, all out head over heals love) during my 3 year tenure here.......Is this not enough "security' for them?

But it seems that every girl I meet gives me the impression they are afraid to get serious with me, as I am a ‘laowei’ and I can only be up to no good, a player and quite possibly a monster who I might eat them for dinner!

All the while, almost every Chinese woman I met here, from all walks of life, all education levels, all career levels, and upbringing; seems to gravitate to the worst possible match they can find.

I hear over and over their sob stories how they met a guy in Viva and they had sex because they fell in love-at-first-sight, and the next day she never heard from him again. Or one friend who was almost choked to death by her CHINESE BF( he bit her too), and another who was ‘unknowingly’ dating a married guy, another who’s ‘boyfriend’ is a guy who only calls once every three weeks or so and she goes running to him, but the rest of the time, he is ‘too busy‘ to call her or even send her a text message?  Yet another who’s fiancée is stalking everyone in her phone contact list; trying to create a sting to ‘catch her’ cheating.  Another so controlled by her parents that she will not attempt to meet a guy for herself, as she is only 25 years old, and cannot be trusted to make a decision like who she should spend the rest of her life with………..and on and on.

The flip side is the typical Chinese woman that is just seeking material possessions:  the only suitable guy is a Chinese guy who owns a house outright (mortgages are for pussies), a car, who showers her with ‘gifts’ so as soon as they settle down in their loveless marriage,  he can go find an ‘er nai’, ‘san nai;……hell; a ‘ba nai’!

Is there a happy medium?  I ask: WHAT DO CHINESE WOMEN REALLY WANT?
(please review old forum, seems a lot of your questions and comments a rehash of last year's)

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I am not really a typical Chinese women but I think for them stablity comes first.

Stability = house+car+maid+husband's salary+allowance+....

I think you know the answers already, but if you ask the mainland girls, many of them will never admit or agree with you.
Stability = house+car+maid+husband's salary+allowance+....
shortly you mean they want money?:p
I didn't mention pets, did I ?

Your stability assumption is very make sense. LOL...and I want to add one more, that's oversea VISA/ passport.
Stability comes first, that is what I said. I don't think other things like love and feelings don't count, but not the first on the list.

So you don't want stability? I guess what you want from a man is to live in a trailer with him, doing something like, music or painting, or other kinds of art stuffs. And surely you don't need any salary ot allowance. That makes you "not a typical Chinese woman."


I truly wonder, what do those "non-Chinese women" want from men?

I guess what you want from a man is to live in a trailer with him, doing something like, music or painting, or other kinds of art stuffs.

That is actually not a bad idea.

I truly wonder, what do those "non-Chinese women" want from men?

Love and respect, as simple as that.

That is actually not a bad idea.

Just wanted to remind you that I do play the guitar, I can not paint, but I am a fast learner (maybe Miss Katherine could help), and while we are in the trailer I could practice my painting while making nude portraits of you! 



Let's get a trailer TODAY!!!


I knew we would end up this way! 

Ok, let me get my shopping list ready...

1. Trailer

2. Paints

3. Gin and vermoth

4. Space Heater, so you do not get cold when posing



Oh no, shopping list...:-p


GrandPa, I can take care of the shopping list. Just give me your credit card, I'll come back pretty soon with the goods. This way, you guys can enjoy being naked and painting each other (don't forget the giant cake and the bunny ears) without worrying about all the trivial details.





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