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Every so often, someone predicts the end of the world, the next one is on December 21.

People are spending a lot of time, talking about, why its true, or why its not true.

It recently came up in conversation, what I would do differently if I knew the world would end?

I really could not come up with anything off the top of my head.  

So, the question is, what would you do differently if you knew the world was going to end on December 21st?

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It doesn't really matter as the world would be doomed anyway. I'd rather stay exactly in the same spot and wait for the fireworks to begin.


Sell all your posessions now and send me all your money!

Dec. 21st! It is my birthday and I will be watching some apocalypse movies with my family...

hahaha,sleeping till the end of the world.

too much sleep gets very boring.

There'd have to be at least ONE beautiful woman who'd want to do nothing but have torrid, filthy sex with me until the end came.

Why wait for the world to end for that?

I'm working on it! It's a little harder when you can't make the argument that hey, the world's gonna end so there's no real consequences, just pleasure!


why torrid,filthy sex?

Ugh, because it's the most fun form of sex?

I guess whips is kinda filthy... but I think I can do filthier.



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