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It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. So what is your expectations for the new year?

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How much ?

Maybe you should write  letter to Santa I hear he can do the impossible.

Like!! LOL

Ding Dong meant 'how much is the fine?'

ha ha, thats what I was wondering too! :-)

Probably one handbag, a free entrance to the wine and cheese club, and a few new compacts may do it! :-)

just my extended posse of Chinese girlfriends!

Hope this helps! :-)

Lot's of love Gao! Blow me a big wet kiss! :-)

Gao, I think you probably mis-understood NZ and FB, I believe they were just joking with you.

The language is still a barrier, especially when people speak different languages try to express the humor feelings to each other.

@ JD :I thought he was asking her hourly rate! LOL.

No harm intended Ding Dong, I am just throwing some bait out!

cheers man :-)

@ Gao you are so sensitive. As you sit in your own world trying to believe that all is perfect and nice I can understand why anything that goes against that fragile belief could up set you.

You get teased here and yes it is only in jest because you get upset by it.

Relax, chile, don't be so up tight and tight assed and you will have more fun here. Nobody hates you we are only having fun because it bother you so much.

Kiwi and I are really not trying to bother you or insult you but you get bothered and insulted anyway so we keep at it.

Anne is right and you are wrong.

Gao  you are so far from understanding anything in this world it is really scary how you can walk and breath at the same time, or can you?

For you information my wife is just as old as i am so you have missed the mark completely on that one, it is not her fault that I have such a good job that she doesn't need to work. I make enough for all of us including my super cute and super smart daughter, who can walk and breath at the same time. Unlike you.

You start to show your village roots when you you insult family members, a true red neck policy that.

Just because my wife is more beautiful then you is not reason to reduce your stupidity to insult her. At least she is not a gold digger.

Damn girl you have no idea about life here, maybe it is time to go back home to mommy and marry the village idiot that she has lined up for you, at least then you would need to worry about keeping your cherry because his whole family will be jumping up and down on you then.

Try as you like but you are so far below this site, it is a wonder you can see your ass through all the grass.

yep, alas I agree, thanks Anne for the wisdom.

FB sums it up quite well, we were throwing some bait out there (all in jest) and it's all a bit of a laugh really!

Fortunately you have a wise mind, unfortunately Gao has bitten off more than she can chew! :-)





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