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What do you think a Big Tall man carry a Tiny girl friend.??

I see many big tall man carry a tiny girl friend for shopping and drinking, espeically in Thailand and Hong Kong even in Shenzhen. . . actually, i think it's not very match ... why a big tall man like a tiny girl ???

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what do you mean by "match"?as long as they feel comfort with each other that's fine.why even bother.

This is my feeling only, no offensive.

I love small girls they are super flexible and usually extra horny, very easy to throw around in bad and sexy as hell.

Anyway it might have to do with the fact that i am a big man, so I like small girls.

they are like whippets in the sack.

Sorry I have never had sex with a whippet, I guess it is a New Zealand thing, first sheep and now whippets, those are dogs right. Damn you Kiwis and your animals.

Peel it like a banana.

Give me a few hundred million girls in China that are 180cm tall and the problem is solved.

There isn't much tall people around here ;)

Shanghai gals should be tall from my point of view.

Enough to make a impact on a population of 1.5 billion ;)

If you know how to read he already answered that question in his topic ;)

actually, i think it's not very match ...

well he is a large foreigner, big large I mean big in size and stature.

What this other "large" you keep bringing up is I feel only you know.

So keep it up the joke is on us.

Beside when a big man makes love to a small women you can see her belly move in and out. 

She needs something for sure.

Oh come on now I would be willing to throw one into her for free, she is small and kind of cute in Twee kind of way. Anyway as she needs it it would be all about charity right.



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