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What if you collect a fake RMB in China, what do you do?

Recently, I collected one fake RMB100, i found that it's hard to solve it in shops, restaurants even in bars. I still keep this in my pocket and find the way to solve it, any suggestions/ solutions here? And any stories/ experiences sharing from you?


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Take two hundred out of ATM.
Change one of them.
Don't blame me if you were caught.
tell the bank the ATM gave you the fake note? You might wnt to run that in your head once or twice more.
No, I think when you take one out, the machine would close, put the fake one in, then wait a moment, the machine should take both of them back.
Not sure how exactly they set up the machine.... I never tried this idea....
Sorry, meant to say the machine would NOT close....

I like to sell the Brookelyn Bridge for scraped metals, how would you like to pay for it.  I would take bank notes or L/C but no 50 notes.

if you got fake 50-note you can still quickly use it, like what i did years ago :-)

but fake 100-note................poor you...............i have 8 of them! and 10 years i still ddidnt know what to do!! except make them as one of my collection!

Keep it as collection.

why collection ? why not use it ???? i guess there's still a way to solve it.

Your dad is very good . . . and this is your dad's question not you.

where is your dad?
Fake in fake out. No harm no foul.

give to uncle police


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