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What if you collect a fake RMB in China, what do you do?

Recently, I collected one fake RMB100, i found that it's hard to solve it in shops, restaurants even in bars. I still keep this in my pocket and find the way to solve it, any suggestions/ solutions here? And any stories/ experiences sharing from you?


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I like to sell the Brookelyn Bridge for scraped metals, how would you like to pay for it.  I would take bank notes or L/C but no 50 notes.

if you got fake 50-note you can still quickly use it, like what i did years ago :-)

but fake 100-note................poor you...............i have 8 of them! and 10 years i still ddidnt know what to do!! except make them as one of my collection!

Keep it as collection.

why collection ? why not use it ???? i guess there's still a way to solve it.

Your dad is very good . . . and this is your dad's question not you.

where is your dad?
Fake in fake out. No harm no foul.

give to uncle police





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