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chase happiness is our goal ,when I attended my friends wedding, so happiness they are.

will keep thinking ,what is happiness ,I think everyone keep different goal of life,so this will got different answer~

 do what I like ,eat what I favorate,travel where I want, or else,

I asked to myself,and got a happiness family is the most important to me~


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Ha, sofa.


Happiness to me:

Ride a bike, eat an ice-cream.

Fullfill myself. Feel more, learn more, enjoy more.

Love other people.


happiness could be very simple.  the less than  30 degree weather in shenzhen these days makes me happy
Happiness is a warm gun.
To me it is seeing my daughter and my wife happy. be cause if they are happy they try to make me happy, Happiness spreads.

Happiness is not something I chase. It is not the attainment of things and status symbols. Happiness is that gift inside me (the gift of gratitude) that allows me to crack a joke even when I'm hurting inside. Or just lost a loved one. Or just got rejected.

Remember this, — that very little is needed to make a happy life.”



Like Love, Happiness is best appreciated and kept whenever it arrives, by those most prepared for it. And that preparation never ends.

Happiness right now for me is, have a job, make good money.

and it also includes loving my family & friends, and I have been beaten by the Travel Bug.

Laughing my ass off as I cross the border and leave China for the last time....Oh Perfect!  Can not wait to experience it!
Let's cross that damn border together. We could organize an event.

...I like it...a group crossing and one big turn around and giving them the middle finger!  ;-)


and a goodbye spit... from deep in the throat. Man I'm disgusting myself!
Believe me..I can relate!
Happiness is whenever you decide to be happy.



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