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I have been in Shenzhen for a little over 6 months now, and I still haven't figured out how the people in this Area identify themselves.

First of all, is there even a name for the locals? For example, in the US people from Manhattan call themselves New Yorkers, in Canada people from Quebec call themselves Quebecois, in France we have Les Parisiens (this is an easy one), in Mexico people from Guadalajara Call themselves Tapatíos... It seems to me that the right to be called Cantonese has been claimed by the people in Guangzhou.

Second, what are those unique characteristics that identify people in Shenzhen from every other city? Even the funny ones can count! Like saying you are not a true New Yorker unless you have seen Woody Allen on the streets, or you're not a true Tapatío unless you know where to find a good Torta Ahogada for breakfast..

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yyyyyeah, but that's nothing new...   almost every big city in the world is mostly populated by migrant workers...

Yeah, but I don't think those other cities are known for being a migrant worker destination.

I call them Farmers.

Shenzhen Hookers. You're not a true Hooker if you haven't _____________________________.

Shenzhen is if anything, a monument to Deng Xiao Ping, the most courageous leader of China since GuangXu


That man stands right up there with Mandela in my eyes. He should really be the one on the RMB.

Anyone who doesn't know what YCG and OFG means is a newbie. ;) 

Ok, well i just learned YCG from this very website... been in China six years but never heard it used in i guess OFG means 'old foreign guy'?

also, i think i could consider myself a YCG no?  Young Canadian Guy.

I hope you know what Nice Shoes means

Money whores?

Farmers with money.



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