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What is the best VPN to jump the Great Firewall of China in 2018

Hello readers, I am new to Shenzhen and am very frustrated at not being able to use the "real internet". Can anybody help me with the name of  good VPN and advise if I can obtain it and install it whilst in China or do I have to do it in Hong Kong first. 

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express VPN

Thanks G-44, I will research it to see if I can load it whilst I am in China.

Trying to access but cannot do it from within china.

is there a way to do it from within.

"" this should work

I now have ExpressVPN and the Tech support was good in helping me get set-up.

Its great to view programs from home and all those things that are blocked.

Thanks to those who helped me.

try Betternet, but you can ONLy find it when you have US Apple ID.



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