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   i asked this question to some of my friends , it sounds like a bit fun ... but one of my male friends told me his idea about that , which he wish he could run on the street with naked body , but it won't be happened , because he dare not to do even if he want ... haha . funny ,huh !

 so what's ur idea ?

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I want to quit my job(a very decent one) and traveling around the world with my bike......guess i need figure out how to fix bike first also learn how to read the map.LOL gonna take a while...

Check this Uruguayan couch surfer:

He came all the way from barcelona by bike

I just want to run around inside Coco park and nipple tweak all the YCG's.
by the way what's the YCG
Mostly if I think about something that I want to do, then I just do it - I think that's a better way of going about things.  So it's hard to find an answer for you.

That is not crazy I do it almost everyday.



wow u always do it ,thats cool
been there.....done that....whats next !!!

 Hey i heard about a phsychy acid a lot of things on google...saw people getting high on that trip...but never ever dare to do that...but really wanna do that....

bungy jumping
i thought im the only one who don't know how to read the map . we have same common
SHIT on the street ..




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