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Perhaps this is pretentious, but I am genuinly interested in the knowing more about Chinese art and how (if at all) it differs from the West at a more conceptual level. I mean what is considered art, what is the purpose of it, what are the major forms for it, et c. I'd also like to learn learn more about the major influential artists.

Just to get some discussion going, i'd like to mention one difference I think I have noticed. The idea of the suffering, slightly deranged, artist doesn't seem as strong in china as in the west. Take for example an artist like Van Gogh. His art is perhaps admired and judged more based on what he endured to create it and the emotions it expresses, than the skills he possed as a painter. Who would be the chinese equivalent of Van Gogh? Is there one?

Perhaps this topic is too wide a subject, but i hope to learn more about it.


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Western art to me has rich religious influence, vivid expressions of individuals while Chinese art focuses more on conceptual, state of the mind of the artists who were also great poets.

I don't think there is one Chinese artist who is equivalent to Van Gogh, neither by personal experience nor the style.
Thanks June. I think that helps me understand some main differences. And yes you are right, religion does have a great influence on western art.

Do you also it's fair to say also that western art often is more subjective, the world as seen and interpreted (and often criticized) by the artist. And that chinese art focus on objective beauty, ideas, and skills to greater extent.
Well, I think being subjective is the beauty of the western art, you feel flash and blood from the work especially of Renaissance time; Chinese art is often subtle and poetic, it also has to do with the media, many of the priceless Chinese art was not done by oil and canvas but in subtle water color.

My favorite is not Chinese paintings, I prefer Chinese calligraphy which is so unique that represents the culture as a whole. My favorite artist was my mother.
Hmm, interesting. For sure, the difference in medium for sure is a huge factor. Infernal flames just don't seem as infernal when using water color, haha.

Calligraphy is an art form that I find really interesting. It seems to me to be more of a performing art than painting at times. I mean I've seen calligraphy done using just water on asphalt, it is really cool.
Do you still remember the openning show of the 2008 Olympic Games, the beautiful music and the calligraphy and painting , it totally shows the art of China.
I'm sorry that I missed that. I was on a plane back to here.
You should watch it on line or buy a dvd to watch, definitely worth your time. shocked the whole world in the moment, I believe..
I found it on Youku. 奥运会开幕式
I thought Athens was cooler...
Sorry Mr Right, don't worry about the replies, most of the surfers on Shenzhen Stuff have priorities, they will take care the sex topics first before they attend to arts...

Be patient, you will get some more replies :-)
lol, June, you are right, we only interesting about sex topic.

well, there are a lot of artists in China, but someone like Van Gorh, I'd go : Xu Bei Hong, he is also a great painter , good at paint horse and shrimp... Chinese style of painting which is water colour painting...
Hehe, sorry for bringin up such a boring topic. I'll have to think of some juicy sexual references for the topic to become interesting, then. Or I'll just leave it for others to do...



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