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Many people here mentioned of English teachers, I just wonder what's wrong with them?


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so you can criticize any single case, you can call them shenzhai english teacher, but it's not appropriate to attack the whole career, if you do that you will hurt feeling of those fine English teachers...

of course the "you" here does mean specific you FL :-)

Then you are exclude in the "you" in my comments :-D

Silly kiwi, we don't get paid to teach English.

why not just sell your kiwi big cock service... you know. Find some mature lady who missing romance and sex. Do some candle light dinner, with a ballroom dance... bets teaching chinglish any day


I always have same thought since I'm here, teaching should be and gracious profession and respected by most of the others, as they are always giving at the same time they get their salary, unlike some business man, earn money by lucky, by cheat, or maybe by their IQ/EQ, but few of them are really giving anything......,


Yes, there maybe some bad teachers, but how can you defame the whole career by that???   So I think those ppl who always defame English teacher, must be super self-righteous, opinionated......

Do you think a person who only graduated primary school and buys a TESOL certificate is really qualified to teach anyone English? Normally, a teacher is someone who went to university and got a degree in teaching or at least English.  I'd even be fine with someone who just went to university and got a degree in anything or has a career history of training people back wherever they came from.

I'm sorry, but some backpacking, beer swilling, skirt chasing tosser should not be qualified to teach anything.

Please excuse her, she's a YCG!

Possibly even involved with an English teacher too.

You are either drunk or got a fever, only ppl in that situation talk nonsense...

I don't drink and I've got YELLOW FEVER!

Yeah, pls excuse me, how does this related to YCG, what YCG do you mean?



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