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Sorry i post similar kind topic again ,but i love to see those delicous food's photo .Do you mind share it at here :-PPP

Cheap but super deicous when i go to GZ fabric market i will try it everytime :-P

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or any young Chinese girls :)

Bacon or YCG?


What is it?

Gao in the well. It's a stack of bacon. Don't ask me what bacon is, cause I will send you back hunan and replace your brain with stinky tofu!

You stupid Emperor why do not find a clear photo from Internet ,no one can tell that is bacon ,looks like dry red chili if you ask Hunan or Sichuan people .

How dare you peasant Gao insult me your Emperor. Do you want to get sentence to death by durian? 

Remind of me something ,sister in law and brother owe me a durian ,shoe........already passed 2month but till now still didn't get it ,They must forget it :(
Wait wait .......what is it?

Fine I will forgive you speak poor English .

my english is as good as your sex skills :)

You are good person ,why always say something make yourself looks bad .

Bad men are more popular ?

Whom told you about this ,if not i remember i never take any that kind movie ,how do you know that?

You are wrong, me bad man and color wolf :P

It's not hard to work out from your posting that your sex skill suck balls!

My comments only showed I have no bf .

For a long term relationship ,except personality and chemistry the most important part is "romantic moment ".all those most attractive woman from history they have good taste about dresses and they know very well about "men",

All the girls should pay more attention about their outside look and some special information ,but don't need talk at public place all the time .



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