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Sorry i post similar kind topic again ,but i love to see those delicous food's photo .Do you mind share it at here :-PPP

Cheap but super deicous when i go to GZ fabric market i will try it everytime :-P

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Try say that word to me again .


Totally look like bacon from 1 KM away, I stick with Bacon over YCG :D

Bacon is god. Bacon comparisons are not cool. Except in China, I will take the YCG. Why is the bacon here in China so bad?? Answer: not cut, trimmed or cured properly. 

Figure it out China. Good Bacon is what is keeping you from being a mega power. 

With great Bacon, comes great responsibility

PAPOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 - BACON.... " The meat of life " / BTW  NO YCG on the TABLE. :D ...

Did you know Chinese have bacon as well :P

Here business idea for all the expats here. In Japan, there a naked woman and there sushi on top of her. You eat the sushi off her body. Then, she eat your sushi...

Why can't we have nude ycg with bacon on top of her and you can eat bacon off her!

WTF it's all fucken carcinogenic! It just pork belly that been cured! It looks black because it got dark soy sauce on it!

I surely tryst the stuff people hang and make themselves, more than something that come out of a package!

Stop your whining and light up another Chinese made cigarette.

Yes sir. another sheep fucker!

My point was the bacon here sucks. Y'all need to get your bacon sorted.

I have a great idea if next time I go Mc buy ice cream ,I will carry some nuts on my bag ,it can be make the ice cream more delicious hahah.........I am smart !

 if you want good ice cream. Buy some premium vanilla ice cream, then add what ingredient you want!



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