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You have been left a million in the will of a rich uncle, but there are conditions. You are only allowed two choices about how to spend it:

1 Buy an apartment for 0.7million, a car for 0.2million and put the rest in the bank. You carry on with your good job and look forward to a comfortable and secure life.

2 Give up your job, travel the World till your money runs out [you are not allowed back until you can prove that it’s all gone]. Now look for a new job and have nothing but memories.

Which and why?

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I think that foreigners here have probably proved their credentials by being here in the first place - the Type 1 person has a "nice" flat in the Posnan suburbs.
I'm good at doing lots of things - or at least I used to be.
At least you've started to do something. For the first few years after I began travelling I used to return to the local pub in my village and get together with my childhood friends. Most said something like "you are so lucky to go to so many places", but if I tried to tell them about HK, Algeria or Bolivia then the eyes would lose focus and the conversation would switch back to football. It's exactly the same now if I go to the cricket club bar close to where I live in Worcester.

If you want to travel enough then you'll do it, so the ones I met in the pub or the club didn't really want to despite what they said - Type 1 people. In SZ I meet Type 2 foreigners, who I find much more interesting. The Chinese people here have moved from all over China, so most of them have got at least a part of Type 2 in them.
I would like to choose first one if the rich uncle left 10 million,hehe... currently it can't buy a good apartment within 1 million rmb. I can use my salary to travel the world in my holiday.I think I would not be calm if let me travel one year not working. I will workhard after travel,and will have positive spirit in working then.
No Ivy, you would have to give up the job completely and stay travelling until you'd proved you'd spent the money, then try and pick up your life again. You agree with my wife about housing costs though - maybe 6 million for the house would be adequate.
so, i am right about the amount:)
Hi Fatrix - you are in your terms, but not for the person who sits next to me in the office. Adjust your ambitions down to ordinary local levels.
then your question "in discussion topic" is for some Chinese people? ;)
We are in China, and yes the amount was pitched at discussions I had on Sunday evening over dinner with a Chinese girl.
I think that it's a good place to start - don't you? Will I be meeting this rich uncle in Wuming?
As they've just died I don't really care about the sex.
what a mean uncle.. just left one million?even less than 150K USD... since the money is not big, i would choice second one..:)



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