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You have been left a million in the will of a rich uncle, but there are conditions. You are only allowed two choices about how to spend it:

1 Buy an apartment for 0.7million, a car for 0.2million and put the rest in the bank. You carry on with your good job and look forward to a comfortable and secure life.

2 Give up your job, travel the World till your money runs out [you are not allowed back until you can prove that it’s all gone]. Now look for a new job and have nothing but memories.

Which and why?

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Total rubbish - watch my smoke.
Right Nina - go and build some memories - then make your fortune - then build more memories.
the second one sounds more excited ...
get yourself a great life is my no.1 rule. :))
I agree Hellen - I'm not going to change your name - it would totally confuse me, as I have too many Jing friends already, but only one Hellen [sigh sigh sob sob].

Go and do things - live for yourself and let the future take care of itself.
call me whatever u like Mike, but im sure u just cant spell " Jìng " which is 4th tone on i.. :D
No way man I want a third option. These two are lame. How come there is no option like buy a bar on the beach in Thailand and fuck your brains out for the next 10 years?
The uncle just made an amazing recovery and left the money to Kitty instead - take her to Thailand with you [please] and then carry on as above.
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty, come and get it.
Option 2...I'd travel, and the first stop is Vegas. That would be an easy way to lose all of my money, or double it. I wouldn't be stupid enough to gamble everything though, but I'll get high, marry some strip dancer, and then travel around Europe.
I'd put it away. I make enough to travel often enough now and any money I put away now will multiply ten fold by the time I really want to use it. I wouldn't buy a car though, that's a retard investment when you're in a city with ten thousand cabs.
Dan - In that case you are not complying with the conditions of the Will and the money goes to the "Home for Retired YCGs that have had their Lives Ruined and Careers Destroyed by Old Foreigners" - check with RJ for bank account number. I will be donating myself.
:-D :-D :-D



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