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What's the best birthday present for my baby dog? [She's celebrating her 2 years old birthday :D]
1) a big hug
2) a big kiss
3) a big bone
....oh~this is just what i do everyday~~what can i make it special?

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Possibly the wrong website - tray Date-a-Dog.COM
Be nice to your dog no matter what, that is the best gift birthday or not.

I put socks and clothes on my dog, but that is the way I express my love to him.
I usually take my socks and clothes off to express ny love - unless I'm in a hurry.
wow wow...i mean a gift to my dog...not for humen :P
How about one of Suphi's hamsters? June knows where to get them.
That was over a few weeks now, Mike, the babies are probably grown up and ready to mate again. Shanelle can wait for next batch ;-P
We are talking about dog clothes and socks, at least I am...
OK June - everybody else is out and I don't have to start cooking till 5pm so I'm bored.
Now I am going to bed too Mike, keep the fun going please :-)
Sleep well June - hope you had a good Christmas - see my blogs of mine.
Rat poison.

Maybe you would prefer the big bone?



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