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First off, hello, I'm Steve.

I'll be moving to SZ in the beginning of March or maybe end of Feb for my company, but I've never been there. I have a Chinese partner who has been running the supply side from SZ since '07 but now I need to get over there and stop trying to do all this work from the other side of the globe.

Anyway, I keep getting conflicting info on getting a work visa, one site will say it's the same as the rest of China, the other will say SZ has a separate one.

Can someone from the US how you went ahead and got a visa that lasts more than 5 days? 

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Hi Steve, Unless you are the high talent the chinese government wanted , you can apply for 2-5 five year  resident permit. 

as general employees, you can apply for work permit and resident permit. 

1 before you come to shenzhen, you can do health report in US and send the scan copy to China. 

to apply the employment permit, invitation letter, (u need to take 2 inch picture , original education diploma etc)

2 Then your company can send the all necessary docs to you in US to apply for z visa

3 after you are back in sz, you can apply for work permit, make the reservation of the interview

and resident permit. 

(after u r back in sz, u need to make the temporary resident form for visitor which means you need to rent apartment in sz and go to the psb branch to make one, and take)

This is how you apply for the work visa and resident permit to work in sz. 

If you don't hold a valid, current drivers licence in your home country forget about getting one in China.

It sounds like you won't be earning money in China so I would go with a business visa. 

Yeah, just apply in the US

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