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1. If someone spill my coffee

2. If I see something REALLY HUGE.

3. If I see something REALLY TINY.

4. If my phone rings while im sleeping.

5.If I look at the mirror and see a Lovely person.


Agree or Disagree with me? How about you, what your top 5?

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I've been here 3 years: I drop a WTF every other step I make.

The only case I say it is when I look at myself in a full-length mirror. I say, "What The FAT!"

hahaha,, undeniable...i like this!

My English is not good enough to say What the...,,never say it in my life, and I don't think I will say it someday.

when ppl say it to me.

Today I saw that post titled ugly something, I said:"what the fart?" this comment

"When do you say "What the.....!""

When you watch a Chinese "Country Hip-Hop" music video.

I dont know Country hip hop???Is it infused hip hop? really strange for me...

You don't know Chinese country hip-hop...?  Here you go, you'd love it.



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