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Dear All,

Anyone know anyplace I could buy stuff for making pizza. In Hongkong or in Shenzhen is ok.


Hmm.... Like Cabanossi、Pepperoni、Seafood sauce、Aoricot berries、 Smoked Cheddar、Custard etc. .

Better not so expensive.


Thanks super much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, pizza party at my place and you're all invited!  although you've have to wait the 3 months until i get there...apparantly that's how long it takes to process a z visa now..ya, no kidding.. 2 months in the PSB and then a 3week trip to my home country to process it.. ya, we'll start in the afternoon together making dough, pizza sauce, etc..and cooking our own pizzas..everyone will leave a world-renouned pizza maker and i wont charge you anything! sounds like a nice little party to me anyway..and of course i'll remind you again in three months time!

check out this video by the way! No-knead pizza dough 

honestly i dont know what type of pizza you're making because pepperoni and cheddar are the only two ingredients you listed which should be on a pizza!

nogogo and the international grocers near seaworld have everything you need. won't be cheap though...



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