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Dear All,

Anyone know anyplace I could buy stuff for making pizza. In Hongkong or in Shenzhen is ok.


Hmm.... Like Cabanossi、Pepperoni、Seafood sauce、Aoricot berries、 Smoked Cheddar、Custard etc. .

Better not so expensive.


Thanks super much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She has been living in Shekou since she was born, and even working near to those shops(near rose garden 2)..and Im pretty sure she knows all places better than everyone here... I just am wondering why she s asking !

It's late at night and I can't be bothered looking through the replies, so if this has already been said, apologies.

There's no need to buy any pizza sauces. All that you need to do is buy tomato puree ("paste" in American English). Spread it on top, add herbs of your choice (generally oregano) and put the cheese, et cetera, on top.

man, just wrote a super long response when my computer had a 'run time error' and shut down..can't be bothered to write a novel again but i'll try to answer your questions in a more compact method

Yeast: never been to SZ but i cant imagine it's hard to find..they have it in the regular small supermarket here in the village of Dali... there's a Chinese brand one called 'Angel' that is cheap and fine.. i'm sure if you ask the people in any large supermarket they can show it to you.just use that translator on your phone and show the employee's the word in Chinese..its really not uncommon here as its also used often in chinese need spend big bucks at a fancy western grocers for it..remember there is 2 kinds though... active dry yeast and instant dry yeast...look up the difference and know which one you're buying...they're both fine but the instant one doesn't need to be 'proofed' in water.

pizza sauce: Yes, pizza sauce and tomato pasta sauce are teh same thing..if you are feeling lazy then go ahead and buy a bottle of regular tomato sauce for pastas and it will work the same on pizza.. in fact, every amatuer cook should have  a basic tomato sauce recipe in their arsenal as i've described in my previous post.. starting from a basic tomato sauce you can make a dozen other things.. use it for pizza sauce, pasta sauce, add cream and make it a rose sauce, add some chili or hot sauce to make it a spicy arribiata pasta, or use it for chicken parmagana, add beef to make a spag bolognaise (although that's not authentic but tastes good) on and on...I always have frozen bags of tomato pasta/pizza sauce in the freezer


lastly, for pizzas 'on the go' as was asked about

spend a half day making a big batch of dough and pizza sauce.  Once the dough balls have been made lightly cover the entire ball with oil and wrap in seran wrap..making sure the seran wrap completely covers/touches the oiled ball so there is no air.. you can then put them in the fridge up to 5 days or in the freezer for months on end.. if you freeze them just remember to move it to the fridge the night before you wanna use it so it wont be frozen when you get home from work... for the sauce, divide into freezer bags and freeze them.. you can instantly defrost them in a microwave or on a pan on the stove.. so you get home from work, roll out your defrosted pizza ball, defrost the sauce and spread it on, add topping and cheese adn in literally 15minutes from getting home you can enjoy a home made pizza that's cheaper and healthier than ordering one in because you're too lazy to cook

ah your not here in SZ!

sorry about the run time error - kudos for having the motivation to go at it again - I've walked away in anger never to reply when that happens. I habitually write longer replies in notepad then copy in nowadays. Same with e-mails occasionally - depends on how China is treating Gmail on the given day.

Thanks for the yeast tip didn't know the difference!

Great 'on the go' tip mate! I'll have to give that a go later this month! 

OK, pizza party at my place and you're all invited!  although you've have to wait the 3 months until i get there...apparantly that's how long it takes to process a z visa now..ya, no kidding.. 2 months in the PSB and then a 3week trip to my home country to process it.. ya, we'll start in the afternoon together making dough, pizza sauce, etc..and cooking our own pizzas..everyone will leave a world-renouned pizza maker and i wont charge you anything! sounds like a nice little party to me anyway..and of course i'll remind you again in three months time!

check out this video by the way! No-knead pizza dough 

honestly i dont know what type of pizza you're making because pepperoni and cheddar are the only two ingredients you listed which should be on a pizza!

nogogo and the international grocers near seaworld have everything you need. won't be cheap though...





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