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Dear All,

Anyone know anyplace I could buy stuff for making pizza. In Hongkong or in Shenzhen is ok.


Hmm.... Like Cabanossi、Pepperoni、Seafood sauce、Aoricot berries、 Smoked Cheddar、Custard etc. .

Better not so expensive.


Thanks super much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what stuff? oven?ingredients? flour?


What kind of pizza u wanna make with smoked cheddar, seafood sauce and custard?? That sounds like a strange combination for a pizza.

If you want to buy decent ingredients for pizza try Ole or Jusco in SZH or City Super and 360 in HKG.

with smoked cheddar, seafood sauce and custard??

....Yes, I was thinking the same!  And do not forget the Apricot Berries!

Yeah what the Apricot Berries are for? Maybe she is pregnant and is craving for all that weird food combinations.
Well that reminds me I go and get some pickled gherkins with ice cream now, yummy. the rumor is are!  Congratulations!  :-)

Yes I am, I'm a super lucky girl :-)

stop fucking with pizza recipes.  dough, marinara souce and good cheese, MORZZARELLO and maybe a dap of two of extra virgin olive oil (maybe hard to find any in SZ).

Thanks sooo much!!!

I don't know what pizza will make. different pizza. Like a pizza party.

And we are all invited to your pizza party.

I guess we are not!

Sounds more like a vomit party... 



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