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Where can I learn musical instruments like Guitar, Piano in NanShan?

I am a fan in music. Now I am working in NanShan and would like to learn how to play Guitar or Piano. Actually, I came here for a long time,but have not found any good place for it. Can you guys give me some advices?  

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In that place, do they sell instruments too? Or is it just a place to teach people how to play ?

i am a music player  ,i play lute ,about chinese classical music.

the good teacher i know is no in nanshan,

The guitar is very good, but too much people to learn, lack  some special ,what do u think?

Are you still looking for a good guitar teacher in Nanshan?

learn online be proactive. its the one thing I really hate hearing is I want to learn the guitar too but I don't know how or so on and so forth. You should be decisive about what you what to learn is the main point. I was taught guitar by a tutor when I was twelve for about three months, got nowhere with it as I had not much interest in it. Only in the last five or so years have I been proactive with it and that has simply been on my own. Now learning a simple song like 十年还是平凡之路 takes me about 10min to master. But of course something like  ANDANTE takes me a quite bit longer. You should really think about what you want to learn. Also a cheap guitar has a shit action as the fingerboard wont let your fingers move around properly.

I'm no master too!

I have finally purchased a guitar of some worth that being a Yamaha 1200X I still don't think its exceptional but it is of listenable quality with a fairly smooth action. I paid about 6600 on taobao for it(perhaps a bit much for what it is).

yea so with buying a guitar I would say you should spend at least 1000 on a starter if your serious or more . If your still not too sure 300-500 perhaps 

If you have any other questions I'd be happy too try and answer them for you. 


I can do somethings on the piano too but I got nothing too say about it as I'm a real novice 

At least your English is good!

I like to play flute and clarinet, m in Luohu



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