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I'm looking for a space for a performance group to meet and practice. Does anyone know of any dance studios or aerobic rooms or something of the sort that can be rented hourly? Or even open to public use? Preferably somewhere near Window of the World, and it needs to be covered/indoors. Thanks!

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Indoor soccer would be fun! But that's not what we need the space for. =P

Do you know of any such places?

Check my gym, it have two rooms, yoga room , and one dancing room, it is okay to rent on day time according to my lesson arranged time,my lessons all are evening time.and the dance room is total wasted when i early arrive there, the ppl play ping-pong since no on use there, it is near window of world, near by wanpan store,and super-market. the bank of china builiding,3th floor

That sounds great! =) Thanks, Bones, I'll be sure to check it out soon!



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