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hi guys, im sorry if this is kinda off. I just wanna know where can i change my money(money changer) except in the bank.

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I know there are peeple who will do this for you, and give you a really good rate but you have to be very careful if you want to do it like that...
Try Shekou ferry terminal or Shenzhen Bay where they have Bank of China counter.
Thank you June, Is it only money changer place in shenzhen?
I am sure there are many in Shenzhen, it also depends on what currencies you want to change. I have tried change money (Thai Bhat and Taiwan dollar) at Shekou ferry terminal and they are hardly short on the notes while at the bank for rare currencies (other than US dollar) you may have to make appointments two days in advance.
Hey Janny I may be interested but why would you not want to do it through a bank? it may be safer.
Once it took me 45 minutes to change $500. USD at a bank (unfortunately I can not remember which one). I had to take a number and wait in line. Then they ran my US notes through a macjhine, rejecting several. They made my g/f sign 2 papers and give her Union Pay card as security. China will never develop as long as this type of shit goes on.

I agree on this one thats why I'm trying to find an alternative way to change my money.
Seem like a nice idea though...
I believe Jammy is not Chinese, and as such, unless she has paid IIT tax on earned wages, or can show a legal source of other income and the payment of tax she would not be allowed to wire RMB out of China.
So when you change your money in the bank in USA, you don't need to take a number and wait if there are a lot of guests there? they don't check your money (RMB) is real ot fake? you don't have to sigh the paper that shows you changed it? come on, blame something better than this.... :P
I don't think anyone would exchange RMB for US dollars back home. Would do it before. He is saying that it is troublesome changing US money here. He is not blaming anything. It is a fact and I have experienced it too. Most of these bank people have NEVER seen non RMB currency and they are quick to accuse someone of trying to exchange fake money. I had it happen to me when I first came here. It is quite inconvenient when you are on a fixed schedule and don't have an hour or more to kill in a bank. And NO Boo I have NEVER waited in line back home for more than 20 mins. Why is that? Because people in my bank back home actually work whereas a bank here could have several employees walking around, yet just 2-3 windows actually open that are conducting business.
Yeah, I am just trying to be a bitch now...
But look at the populations in China, you have to wait more time in here than USA, yeah, I have to agree their work speed is far too slow..... maybe they are really tired to count the money which not belongs to them.
Hmm.. thanks for the info, that sounds really good, actually I hate to wait in line myself, I had blamed them at their window before, that's why I don't like to go to the bank, now I only use ATM.



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