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i gurss mosyt of u guys are Christian or Catholic,i v been to some of churches in SZ,.guess the OCT church is good. i'd like to know if it is the best one here?

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I think very few on this website are, but "best" is a difficult word because it depends on what you think is good.  Also, many will not be publicly advertised.

oh really ? i havent heard abt it , maybe i should try 


i know there is in Meilin, but i do not know if it is the best

oh no , i dont like meilin church that much..


why you think God would make this church good and that church bad?

He will give you a humble heart to seek for Him and the Truth if you wish and no matter where you are which church you go or not.

feel free to drop me a message if you need help in developing your faith in Him.

God bless!




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