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For me I have had the career and family – both still continuing – so my life doesn’t really need to “go” anywhere.  I have enough money to last the rest of my life and my main interests are in seeing new places and meeting new people – learning about the World still.  SZ seems to be about the best base I can find for that.


What about you younger guys?  You don’t have a real career, you don’t have a family.  What prospects do you have of either?  Your job is a dead end, with no real prospects of serious advancement.  Are you just marking time here waiting for “something to turn up”.  Where are you going, and if it’s elsewhere why aren’t you going there?

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Good luck with it Jeans - at least you're trying something.
What about you younger guys? You don’t have a real career, you don’t have a family

by that "younger", you mean younger than you or too young (20s ) guys?please clarify.
I really meant the guys, mostly in their 20s, who are in dead end jobs. Younger than me would include most people on the site. I did see an older guy once, but then he vanished or changed his profile.
Curious about this myself...
For me a dead end job is one that is not taking your life towards where you want it to be. If you need more money to do the things that you want to do and your current job won't provide it, then it is a dead end for you. If you need interest and excitement in your work [maybe half your waking life] and your current job won't provide it, then it is a dead end for you.

If you are happy with your life the way it is then you don't have a dead end job.
@ Mike
First part
The terms above that you have used are quite vague.
How can anyone be satisfied with what he has? If humans can really be satisfied with what they have, then there will be no new discoveries and advancements.

Second part
With your definition above, i am sure i am not into a dead end job. My current salary is more than sufficient to meet most of my needs and also short future plans.
Plus, i enjoy my work and also my hobbies , which makes me happy to my core.
:) . I thank god for all the good things i have been able to achieve in my life so far.
Kami , my friend , i have to tell you one thing though, my first month here was hell agonising. There is no JAPANSTUFF here to find YJG's .So its hard work all the way.
Satisfaction still leaves room for greed.

not a dead end job then :P
Am I entitled to answer? I am not young and neither I am a guy ;-p
Sure June, but I don't think that it applies to you, does it?
Well, yes, not exactly...The process of pursuing a good life is fun though, I assume most young people are here for that reason? For a good and fun life...
I agree June, there's nothing wrong with spending a while having fun, but I can't see it lasting a lifetime that way.



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