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A friend of mine has a few sex toys and may have a male friend staying in her flat for a while - some of the time when she would be out at work.  I asked if he would approve of them and she said that she thought not, from what she knew of him.  She said that she would hide them in her underwear drawer and what sort of pervert would look there?  I said a male pervert would, and possibly a female pervert too.

In general terms - what do you think of girls using sex toys?  Give your age, sex and nationality in your answer so that these responses can be analysed in depth.  Also whether it makes a difference if you are present when they are being used, or they are onlky used when you are out of town for a few week.

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I have a sex storage facility at Mike46 house :D


girls using sex toys? The more better! 

I have examined the contents and have reached conclusions about your sexuality which I will not distribute as long as you pay me enough.

what do you think of girls using sex toys?

If they let me watch, they are some of the sweetest creatures on Earth. If they don't, they can go fuck themselves. Wait, that's exactly what they were doing... 

Age: early 30s

Sex: YES

Nationality: Polish

Where would I hide my sex toys? Well, they hide themselves: one in Shekou, one in Futian and two in Luohu but one of them is moving to Buji... ;-)

Watching and/or participating is fun and often the only practical way forward after a night on the beer at my age.



I have to admit, I used it myself. And quite many times, actually, both in SZ and in HZ. It's perfect. 

hehe...oh yeah...

I noticed there was something under my mattress, now I know what that might has been or maybe it was your maid's.

Now I know where she hide her snorkel ... haha~

I have to say this is one of the 'toy' I like it very much myself too...
And for myself, my sex toy its also out of the open...very functional and presentable :D




Look what happens when you let one of your sex toys escape!



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