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A friend of mine has a few sex toys and may have a male friend staying in her flat for a while - some of the time when she would be out at work.  I asked if he would approve of them and she said that she thought not, from what she knew of him.  She said that she would hide them in her underwear drawer and what sort of pervert would look there?  I said a male pervert would, and possibly a female pervert too.

In general terms - what do you think of girls using sex toys?  Give your age, sex and nationality in your answer so that these responses can be analysed in depth.  Also whether it makes a difference if you are present when they are being used, or they are onlky used when you are out of town for a few week.

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I got a bedside nightstand with a couple of drawers.

In general, I think sex toys are perfectly fine.  It's better if I'm there when they are being used, naturally.

I iz 49

I iz also male

I iz from 'Merica

I wonder will you guys get a little gift answering the questionaaire??? if so, what will that be...hmmm~

Damn - I have the perfect picture to illustrate this, but it's on my office computer in SZ.  I've just checked and it's not still in my camera.  I'd PM it to you when I return, if only we were "friends" - I thought that we used to be.

You mean the ones with the rubber ring that you can put on over yourself?  Then just lie in contact while taking a mid-session rest.  Doesn't work from behind unless she's anally inclined, but otherwise - magic.

I need to date much more adventurous women.

Any idea where you can buy the remote control ones in SZ?

Mannings, in the condom section.

We were talking about the remote control vibrators, not the ring ones.  The former can enliven a meal with dull people.

Age: 30
Sex: boobyish
nationality: French
I dont think, I act.
I hide them in different places around the house. now with my mum and my daughter around, keeping them in remote places is tricky. I'll take any suggestion.

I offer sex toy storage facilities. contact me for more details :P


We pick and delivered your sex toys 24/7/52 a year! 

The lot. Even deliver and pick up from the sheep island :)


There plenty of young chinese girls offering their meat here for free! 

One YCG friend had to throw her complete collection away when her mother came to visit.  She knew her mother would search everything and would strongly disapprove, in the same way that she had when searching my friends handbag and finding condoms on a visit home.

I have drawers under my bed which are concealed when the bed clothes are in place.  Any help?



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