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best of have till midnight to make it happen.

I sure there plenty of pussy diggers in shenzhenstuff to satisfied your needs!

Well it looks like everyone got a healthy sex appetite! Nobody wants to join! 

Oh well experiment is done! Bit disconnected from reality, since there always YCG asking for sex/relationship advice  

It is the balance of Universe.

Gold Digger - Pussy Digger.

Big bang theory :D

dont stay in theory stage....

See IB got it ;)

Since foreigners always say YCG are "gold diggers", so what do you call foreigners who looking for their next laid? "pussy digger"

hehe, u should know it

hey..seems you always find your partner here,huh?

Find my partner here? Do you think is a "fucking website?"

I just post here, i don't hook up via this website. It way too easy to get some foreign girls who dying for some sex! 

It way too easy to get some foreign girls who dying for some sex!

It is not foreigner, It is always easy to get girl who is dying for sex. And yet, You sound like a drunk girl collector Chinese guys, in front of the Cocopark.

Drunk girl collecting Chinese guys? Never seen that in coco park!

Never seen or Never been ?



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