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I love John Digweed,I have seen him DJ in Shenzhen 2 times Blew Me Away

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Seriously Rob...what the hell happened to you? That crying guy in the gym got to you?

Anyways, a DJ is basically a untalented wannabe musician hack with an iPod Shuffle. But some have a novelty appeal....

I tend to agree and the topless pig doesn't really make me want to change my mind either...

I do listen to a bit of trance and hardcore but the record-changer makes very little difference to my choice and I tend to make my own mixes (making me an equally talentless record-changer in the process).

not Calvin Harris

DJ Shadow, his first album-Entroducing- is a classic.

Howard Stern....

I've heard a lot about him. How can I listen to him outside of North America?

Private Parts is one of my favourite films, the scene with him, Fred Norris and the B movie actress in the bath is comedy gold.

Mr Tomato, you are full of surprises but I'd have thought Alex Jones would be more your style. You learn something new every day.

I enjoy Alex's rants mostly for the entertainment value although on occasion he does come up with something interesting and thought provoking.'s refreshing to see that you have stayed the course to take the moral highground.

I'm a big fan too, and I agree he is a great interviewer, I loved the interview he did with Johnny Rebel, the racist country singer from the 60's.

I liked his recent thoughts on Robin Williams too, summed up what a lot of people felt.

@ The Fruit :

No shit, I would have thought you were a fan of Noam Chomsky....all this time huh?

Boring sports figures  there are none, they have achieved something in sport that you can only marvel at, then again, being too fat to walk, to fuck, to roll out of makes perfect sense.

All I can find is a picture of a fat old git called Charles Cuntly. 

He looks just like you, no surprises here!

Boring, fat, unintelligent, ugly......need I go on.......:-)


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