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Who should pay for the bill when going out on a date , the man or the woman or go dutch (AA)?

Though I would say that most people would answer that it should be the man.
As I have observed in different cultures around the globe basically from watching literally thousands of movies and reading thousands of books, my guess would be that the majority would say that it is the man who should pay the bill when going out on a date.

I am curious what Shenzhenstuff members would say.
In today's world when the opportunities for both men and women are roughly equal, it could be fair to say that going dutch is the right solution. Considering that the modern woman has always been advocating for women's liberation and equality.

Consider the following scenarios;
1. A man asks a girl out to an affordable restaurant (maybe about 30 to 50rmb a meal) but the girl refuses and suggests that they go to a more expensive one (about 100 to 200 per meal).
Even though a guy could not refuse a woman she likes and eventually agrees, the woman senses the man's reluctance especially when it is time to pay the bill. Even after a very wonderful dinner date, with a very good conversation, the  woman decides not to meet the man ever again.

2. A woman asks a man out for dinner several times, and the man pays for the bill all the time. The girl never even offers. Eventually, the guy likes the girl and proposes that they go steady. The girl refuses saying that they are not compatible, and that they are just meant to be friends. The girl continues to ask the man out saying that she likes to hang out with him. More often than not, she would even bring her friends along. And, of course, the man pays the bill.

3. A man asks a girl out but she says she is too busy to go out. After 3 months, the girl decides to accept the man's invitation and suggests that they go to Disneyland. The girl clearly says that she will bring her friend with her and that the man should be paying for the entrance fees. (entrance fee is about 350 per person). That also means the guy pays for everything else like the taxi fare, lunch and dinner, etc.

4. A man asks a woman he met online for a dinner date. The woman lives about 2 hours away and only agrees if the man goes to her location. The man agrees only if the woman will treat the man for dinner even just at McDonald's or KFC. The woman agrees without hesitation and says they should set a date within the week. Unfortunately after that, the woman has never replied to any text message nor answered any call. 
In most cases, a woman would disagree and outright say, "in your dreams". 

There are hundreds of different scenarios and I would love to hear about other people's experiences, both men and women. 
If men are to pay the bill, and women just collect and select, multiply this a thousand fold, a guy needs to spend his entire life savings in his pursuit of finding the right woman. That is considering the average pay in this part of the world is only 1,500 rmb per month even for a university graduate. 
No wonder a property developer once made an ad saying, "An apartment is more reliable than a man." - 房子比男人可靠。

In some rare instances, I have met some women who insist that we go dutch. Probably one in a thousand, it is meeting one in several years. 

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I had a girl
Donna was her name
Since she left me
I've never been the same...
Yah, my gf is basically the same as Magnus, Iris.

China is huge, 700 million girls at least. Not all of them need their .. date bill paid for. Like Magnus' gf, mine insists on 50/50. So I do other things, like buy her flowers, nice candy, dresses from time to time. much more thoughtful.
Yep, someone once told me, women are like a buses, there will always be another coming short after.

I really like the analogy. Whenever a girl asks what I like about her. Its really hard to say what makes her stand apart. I mean they all have black hair. They all throw up the peace sign when taking photos. They all want to get married by age 26. They all (well, most of them) had arm pit hair until some WHITE DEVIL taught them to "knock it off" ....

the list goes on mate...
They all (well, most of them) had arm pit hair until some WHITE DEVIL taught them to "knock it off" ....

LOL...I had to tell a girl (dancer) "If you shave your armpits it would make you more...aerodynamic".
it would make you more...aerodynamic".

This ancient culture and "traditional" chinese girl that everyone talks about. Where is it? Has anyone found it or her?

Or perhaps we've found it and been discussing it this entire time? (ie: fucked culture and society...)
Firstly I don't lick China. I "kick it" for YCG's like you who give us foreigners bad impression upon your fucked culture and society. I am here for business, strictly business. And FYI I am only in China half the time now as I find myself making excuses to "leave" whenever I get the chance.

Though, don't get me wrong. There are lots of good people in China. However until you get involved with one or several of the girls in China is when you start picking at the bits and pieces how Chinese girls can behave like spoiled little gold diggers. Call it cultural differences, or call it keeping options open or dinner whores...we call it as we see it.
Ancient culture. Yeah right. Your ancestors might have had armpit hair longer than Osama Bin Laden's beard, but we are in the age where China is supposed to be going global and showing the rest of the world how beautiful its people are, and even though your famous actresses and singers and models you see on television and movie theaters and concerts don't have armpit hair, and the fact that you idolize them, and still not shave, what does that tell you? Isn't it about time you left that part of ancient culture behind?

why not just go back to lick your homeland? China forced you to stay?

Another "if you don't like China, then leave" analogy. Really mature answer.
I never said she always buys for me, I said she rarely treats me. Read again.

I said most of the time we go 50/50 and sometimes I pay for her, or 75/25.

Anyways, It is something WE AGREED upon TOGETHER. Because she can actually support herself and she has pride in herself and her ability to be INDEPENDENT. She doesn't need to depend on anyone for support or her well being. So what? When we go to India or something am I supposed to pay for two people the entire trip? Gimmie a break! I still have bloody student loans to pay, does that mean I should cease all dating? Of course not!
I don't know what to make of this comment...
Its kind of hard taking her serious with a dirty ~ pudgy looking dog in her icon...
student loans ?you sound like a smart boy who from not rich family -Iris

MANY many many Americans take out some kind of loan to pay for UNI. It is VERY common. American UNIs are some of the most expensive in the world. Even well off families resort to loans. It has nothing to do with being rich. Also, my loans are below the national average, I believe.



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