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I like your profile pic. And since you’re a big shot lawyer I figured you would have better things to worry about than other people using it. 

No, all good. If people want to clone Dr. Jones, that’s entirely a positive. Although it could get damn confusing if this forum gets active again.

I changed my avatar to stop you whining about it

In happy news for The Kev, Worzel is back soon, apparently.

The TV show is a bit before my time. All I know of it is, once in a school photo, the wind blew my hair about the place, someone nicknamed me Worzel, and it stuck for a few years. 

I had one or two of the books - maybe early 1950s.

I grew up with it in the 80s. Fond memories!

I could probably do a passable John Pertwee impression if I tried, which I won't.

I can do Frank Spencer

((Thumbs up))



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