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I want to lose weight and I've been losing weight 2 months ago..........(I'm not fat, but I love fitness and I want a better shape which is more healthy)!
It brings me energy and passion!!!

I just had my period passed, but I found I gain some extra fat(which i think it's unreasonbale)

The food I eat every day are: meat, vegetables,fruits,nuts,oat meal,flax seeds,egg,vitamins,
and water, tea, coffee,honey, soya bean milk, yogurt, milk.

The question is:
Why do I gain weight?

(probably from the drinks on the weekend before last weekend?)
Well, I do exercise,too (probably not enough?)
or need more sleep?

:D so, I would like to know how do you lose weight fast and healthy?

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understand good advice thank you:)
Maybe because I drink a lot of beer...I do not know, ask Tiger, she likes to talk about my weight!
I dont mean to pick things out but some of the things yuo mention depend on the person-
1)The portion of food you eat at one siting should be no larger than the size of your closed hand
Surely that depends on how big you are?! i would need about 10 meals a day if i stuck to this, a bacon roll is about the size of my hand!! Lol
2)Don't eat after 6pm at night.
Doesnt this depend on when you go to bed?? if you go to bed at 10 dont eat after 6 but then say giong to bed at 12 would mean dont eat after 8 and then 2am would be 10pm??!! that correct??
I am lucky - i never eat breakfast, eat loads fo fatty food, sometimes 3-4k calories a day, 150-200g fat and exceed most other daily recomendations, eat very late at night!!
In fact thelast time i put on weight was 3 years ago when i lived in a hotel for 3 months in spain and i DID eat breakfast, put on nearly 2stone (13kg) in only 3-4 weeks!! My problem is i cant stop eating when i start, if i buy a 6pack multibag of crisps in my weekly shop they will be gone in one night!!
cream corn has the right idea. the thing with losing weight is not eating less but eating more. smaller portions per meal. this will help speed up your metabolism. when you eat less your metabolism slows down and your body will do its best to conserve all the calories you take in; by storing it as fat. besides this is not a healthy solution, the chance to binge if you are starving yourself will also likely to increase.

by eating less more frequently you are still nourishing your body and increasing your metabolism.

your meal should consist of mostly whole foods and should be comprised of 1 portion of vegetables, 1 portion of protein, and 1 portion of healthy carbohydrates like potatoes, yam, healthy rice.
as he mentioned you should be eating these portions every 3 hours and eat about 5-6 of these meals per day.
How to roughly gauge a portion? 1 portion is roughly the size of your fist or palm.

Think about this, your stomach can only digest so much in a given time. By eating smaller portions more frequently you have a better chance of digesting in a healthier fashion without overloading and stuffing your stomach beyond digesting capacity.

Combine this with some kind of physical activity and you will start to notice the difference. If you are not exercising regularly I would suggest that you cut a few portions of carbohydrates from your meals to match your level of energy output. When I want to get back into shape even before begining my workout routine I always start with changing my diet; not reducing food intake but the types of food I intake. from this alone I feel the difference in energy and how I feel overall while slimming down in a healthy manner.

if including a work out is not practical to your schedule there is the old saying...

take to the stairs instead of the elevator. sit instead of lying down, walk instead of sitting, run instead of walking and hump instead of felatio...

you are what you eat.
I must admit i do like my "exercise", due to all flights being grounded and me not being able to make it to china today i should be able to fit some more in!!!! haha
Hi Miao, one of the most problems of women is gaining weight..ehehe. we cannot face the fact that we are totally out of shape and that some of our clothes don't fit anymore.. Well then If that is the case, we really try hard to lose weight again.. As for me, yogurt really helps, it stabilize my digestion and keeps my belly flat..yogurt really does wonder for me..and don't forget to find time for jogging..could help too. But if in some cases, you do everything but still gain unsatisfied result, my advice is Love yourself, you may not be as sexy as any other girl but you still have certain qualities that makes you stand out. ehhe.. take care. happy weekend!

I remember seeing a clip on tv with Paul mckenna and he had brought out this "lose weight" book or dvd or something and basically his biggest tip was to eat slowly. I think what he done was go to a greasy spoon one day with a few big lads and watched them wolf down loads of food. Next day blindfolded them so they ate much slower and not one of them could finish the same meal as the day before.

I must say that does surprise me about the not eating after 6 thing. Personally i find I have to eat my tea at about 8or9pm to have any chance of making it to bed time without snacking on other things....and even then i cant help myself.

Granted when the day comes that my body starts saying to me, your eating way too much i'm gonna fatten you up and see how you like that I will have to stick to what is perceived to be the right times & things to eat. Some people really cant understand how I am not overweight when they see what i can eat!!!



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