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They are gold-diggers, temperamental and pretend to understand everything when they understand nothing.

Why? why?? why???

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To get laid.

To procreate.

For "sport."
Three very good points!
Right, they certainly add spice to our lives.
Hahaha! Yes, that is a good question indeed! Maybe they should choose men for a change? :D
Yes, to see what we endure... :-p
Well, something tells me that choosing men would be even more complicated than choosing women! I am alluding to men choosing men.
And you will be quite right, Sudhir!! It will indeed be really complicated! ;-)

So...the conclusion is to just stay single la! What else can you do?
Nah, Vic. No fun in that. Life becomes boring if it is complicationless. ;-)
If you insist you can go for a fellow dude,or chimpanzee..
It s up to your choice and personal preference



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